Doors of Cape Cod

Strolling down Commercial Street in Provincetown, keep your eyes peeled (as my dad would say) because there are so many beautiful little details that might pass you by. One subject matter I took an interest to over my past few visits, is the doors. Front doors, doorways, garage doors fence doors and more...it's cool to see homeowners take a creative hand to the face of their house!

This red door w/ the painting to the side is a gallery in downtown Wellfleet.

A detail of a garage door. The house itself was purple, of course!

Oh, to come home and walk in to a beautiful bayside view!

This just seemed to be out of a cute storybook!


Kristin Dombrowski said...

What a gorgeous collection! I am partial to the door with the art hanging outside beside it!

Elena Mielcarz said...

your pictures make me smile :)

HR Mom @ bigjobsboard said...

Beautiful. Nice shots. Your a great photographer.