Kelly - Ashley - Sean

Ashley rocked this photo session! Mom and Dad didn't do so bad themselves ;) I LOVE this family! I can just see some of these pics hanging on the wall now....


Spider Mum

I love this crazy flower, the colors of this one caught my eye at the florist. Spider mums remind me of a marine plant really, a beauty under the sea.


Baby's Breath

Not just a filler really, it's beauty is so often overlooked.



There's nothing better than getting to take photos of your own family. Here's a few from a Halloween walk through the park w/ my brother, sis in-law and awesome nephew!


Lindsay & Eric

Just a few reasons why this wedding was so great: first of all Linds and Eric are madly in LOVE, it was @ St. Clements Castle, the rain held off for pics in the patio, THE DRESS, the girls looked smashing, the men looked dashing, LOTS of champagne, rich fall colors and FLOWERS, the officiant was hilarious, Dad's sweet ol' cars, the INTRODUCTION surprise dances, they were ROASTted and TOASTed, crazy fun music, the bride and groom have great SMILES, the guests danced ALL night, MONKEY masks, the bridal party put the awe in AWESOME and did I say Lindsay and Eric are madly in LOVE?! Yes, so that all equals up to a GIANT blog post: