Summer Salt

A look into my recent stay in Wellfleet, Cape Cod. I love the charm and character of my cousin's cottage rental, the beauty of the shoreline (that included a visit from a dozen seals) and the company of people who appreciate it all as much as I do.

Provincetown, where did you go?

An afternoon on the bayside of Ptown. The sky went from grey to blue, every changing minute of fog and light was beautiful in it's own simple way.


Doors of Cape Cod

Strolling down Commercial Street in Provincetown, keep your eyes peeled (as my dad would say) because there are so many beautiful little details that might pass you by. One subject matter I took an interest to over my past few visits, is the doors. Front doors, doorways, garage doors fence doors and more...it's cool to see homeowners take a creative hand to the face of their house!

This red door w/ the painting to the side is a gallery in downtown Wellfleet.

A detail of a garage door. The house itself was purple, of course!

Oh, to come home and walk in to a beautiful bayside view!

This just seemed to be out of a cute storybook!



Taking Zach's senior portraits really brought back some memories. I remember most of my friends dreaded the day they had to get their photo taken, myself included. We were just talking about those awkward poses and props of the 90's *picturing of my bro chillin on a mirror w/ a laser background, haha!* My shoot w/ Zach seemed natural and easy, wandering around his yard while chatting about Blink 182 and Weezer, we had a good time. His girlfriend was there, so we included her too. They really should win class couple, so cute together! I love them sitting on the bench and his lacrosse pics by his "goalie"....