A Happy 90th Birthday!

The best thing about being a photographer is getting to witness the pure love and happiness that family and friends have for one another. With any special occasion, I think the proof is in the small stuff, the smiles, laughs and hugs or the homemade cookies and handmade centerpieces that add a personal touch of charm! Marge's surprise party was simply wonderful. Everyone from the young to the old, was just bursting with love! I'm so lucky to know them, as they always make me feel like I'm a part of the family. These are some of my favorite moments from the day....


p.s. I won!

A couple weeks later, I received an email from Bob Harrington, New Haven's Photo Walk leader, saying: "The winner of the New Haven Photowalk is Taryn Allison for “Twenty.” I chose this shot based on my initial reaction. I loved the color, lighting, composition, and creativity."
I was so thrilled! It was a pleasure to just enjoy the company of other photographers, the summer weather and beauty of the city, so this was the cherry on top! I'm psyched to receive my prize, Scott Kelby's new book, The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 3. THANK YOU!

The gloves caught my eye right away. They weren't just a dirty object left on the ground, but sort of a story, remnants of a long hard day on the job. The glowing sun lit the ground softly and I loved the juxtaposition of the gloves and my hot pink toes. Also, if you've seen some of my travel posts before, I get a kick out of taking a pic of my feet at each of my new environments, so here was my humorous opportunity I thought!

World Wide Photo Walk / New Haven

On July 18th, thousands of photographers gathered around the world, in 900 cities, to spend 2 hours together, photographing anything of interest. The event was started last year by Scott Kelby, the bestselling author of Photoshop books. I headed down to New Haven with my hubby and our friend Shaun to participate. We met up with about 40 other people downtown right in the heart of Yale University. It was a beautiful day and we came across some amazing sights. I recommend heading down to New Haven if you haven't, the architecture of the Yale campus is just stunning. Be sure to look up, down and all around! You don't know what might catch your eye.....