Secrets & Sequins

Part two, up to no good, hanging out in the hall!


Kitchen & Bath

Part one of what I like to call "Project Lil Baby"! It's a shoot I collaborated on with my dear friend Norah, a rockin stylist out in LA and two awesome models, Jamia and Teresa. It's a day in the life, of two friends, sisters even, on a fashionable journey in their charming old house...


Key West

LOVED Key West! With it's laid back attitude, ocean breezes, clear blue water, and tons of fun things to do, I didn't want to leave! My fiancee and I spent the end of June, along with 4 other friends, in this tropical paradise. We did the tourist thing, attended a lovely wedding and spent time relaxing by the pool. These photos bring back happy memories, but also cause serious cravings for more sunny days in Key West...and key lime pie!



Not much to say, expect that Elena is totally awesome to photograph! We had such fun together this day, shot tons of images, so here are a few of my favorites! Isn't she beautiful?!