Grand Cayman

Hubby John and I had an awesome honeymoon! It was the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure! I had a hard time choosing pics to post, so here's a bunch...
I always sleep on the plane, but insist on the window seat ;) John woke me up to capture this first pic, "look at the clouds!" then "look at the water!"

When we win the lotta, we will build a house here.

I thought my nail polish was the perfect Caribbean color!
Johnny captured me walking down the beach, right outside our suite's door!

Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Gardens
I love this little guy! He was so patient for me.

The colors, textures and patterns are just so beautiful!

We almost got attacked by a dinosaur size Blue Iguna...not this guy, he was pretty friendly!
Turtle Farm!

Rum Point, a fantastic place to visit and head out for some adventures at sea!

We had to pullover to see this tree! There was no sign or anything, maybe some local artist?

My husband was on that tiny boat, headed out to deep sea fish. Eventually the clouds went away, phew!

The swim up bar's sign pretty much summed it up! "Life is Grand"
$20 underwater camera, well worth it....I love this shot! We went swimming w/ sting rays! It was so great. The next day we went swimming w/ dolphins, but unfortunately, no camera's allowed (they hit ya up for that afterwards w/ "paparazzi pics")
NYC...almost back to Connecticut, back to reality!


Where have I been?

In the land of my own wedding bliss! I married the love of my life on May 22nd and am just starting to get back to reality. I feel like I have been MIA for so long! I'm really looking forward to upcoming sessions and weddings, but for now let me enjoy my time in marriage la la land some more w/ my next post of honeymoon pics! I know there are a few of you out there who enjoy my travel pics ;)

I wish I could re-live this day over and over and over again! It was just perfect!