It's been a week and I'm still excited! Here are two illustrations I came across and felt like sharing..

left image: please forgive me, i can't remember where i snagged this from...
right: Shepard Fairey Obama stickers via moveon.org



Capturing the beautiful things in life is really what photography is all about. Whether it's people, places or things, there is so much out there in this world to cherish. My fiancee and I have been traveling to Provincetown, Cape Cod for the last 7 years we've been together (yesterday was our anniversary!) Not only is this town overflowing with gorgeous beaches, homes, gardens etc..but also people, both locals and tourists, who are overflowing with love. John and I were driving up Commercial Street and just had to pullover when we saw this home. It's just darling and I thought...a bit fitting for today's post!